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If You Do Not Go To School, You Will Not Succeed.


As I grew up to a level where I could be admitted into school, My parents never hesitated to take me to school.

Am so assured that my first day in school would have been a great feeling. The joy of meeting children outside my family arena doubled even though responsibility as a child started arousing.

Fast forwarded to 8years later, graduating into the secondary level was a happy moment. After secondary level, the anxiety of going to the tertiary institution dawn on me. All I wanted was to wake up the next day and find myself in the institution. Finally, I got there but things started to change. My mentality experienced what I call 360 degree change, I was uncomfortable with myself, going for lectures from morning till evening and that is all I have got to achieve.

Listening to my lecturers every blessed day aside Sundays, I didn’t exclude Saturdays because at times there are fixed classes.


Don’t get it all wrong, School is good. I love it, it’s a learning environment, a place where one gets to learn new things BUT I was not just satisfied. I wanted more, so I went out of the box for more knowledge.

In school, I am not taught topics that get detailed on Entrepreneurship, Relationship, Self development, Success and Lot more and I was hungry and thirsty for those values.

What I get more at school environment was: Study hard, come out with good grades so as to get a good job after school. It’s fine but at the same time, I am not complete with those words.

I am still schooling, so till date I still hear those words and I don’t regret it at all but do you know what? It doesn’t end there, I need to be acquainted with more knowledge.
I have heard this severally:”If you do not go to school, you won’t succeed”

That is totally unacceptable, who is behind that theory? I do not buy that so as you, it’s not all theory that should be accepted. You can also create one yourself.
In as much I support education, I do not accept that theory.

You and I have seen so many graduates who came out with good grades but they are incomplete.They don’t see beyond the present, thinking school certificate can provide all their needs.
They are still yet to realise that not all things are taught in school.

Knowledge goes beyond the school environment, Creativity goes beyond the four corners of the primary, secondary and tertiary classrooms.

Have you heard of Richard Branson? He is a school drop out but he is mentioned as one of the successful men in the world, what about Bill gates? He is the brain behind Microsoft corporation but guess what! He is a drop out. We have so many of them like: Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and lot more.

I am not encouraging one dropping out from school but at the same time I want you to have the mentality that success is beyond the four corners of the lecture theatre.

Do you want to attain success? Then see beyond the classroom.

Founder Of MotivatedHeritage



Joy, that is her name but all you could see in her is sorrow, full of hatred. Her face was so scary, her physical appearance drives people away from her

Joy became so bitter, frustrated and she lost all hope of becoming the better person she has always wanted to be.

Now, lets apply joy’s story to other person’s life . Joy is not the only human that faces such, so many people faces more.

Alot of persons are so carried away with the thought of “what would people say about me”
So many are engrossed in the thought of what other people would say about them.
Blinded with that thought and not being able to see the ideas bleeding, blinded not to see those opportunities waiting to be claimed.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-01 at 14.04.58

No matter how good you are, people who will still condemn you and what you do, will condemn you. So, tell me why you are bothering yourself about their opinions?

Until you stop thinking about what people would say, before you can see yourself going beyond limitations. The era of what would people say has gone, we are now in the era of “I do not care about what people would say”

Stop paying attention to their opinions and just go out of the box to pursue your dream.

Joy became what she didn’t want to become simply because she was so focused about people’s opinion about her, she became scared of taking actions and she couldn’t try new things all because of what people would say about her actions.

Applicable to other humans, who are still out there struggling with people’s opinion.

You just have to start Now, time waits for no one. It keeps tickling, go ahead and pursue those dreams of yours. That talent you’ve got, is waiting to be processed into a valuable asset. Wait no more



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Richard Branson says that his biggest motivation is to keep challenging himself. So many people find it difficult to challenge themselves.
If Mr.A can do great in his business then challenge yourself that you can do greater.

Jeff Bezos said it helped to know that he wouldn’t regret failure but he would regret not trying. When we start running away from risk taking, we move far away from success. Dare yourself on things that will bring you closer to success in your business and you would see your business reaching the higher height.

Walt Disney once said that the easiest way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. When you stop to take less and take action more you will experience success in your business. Procrastinating actions that you are to accomplish will only delay the success you want to achieve. Avoid procrastination in business.

This saying: “Na only me waka come” shouldn’t be known in business. Every business needs a team, erase the mentality of ; you can do it alone, in one way or the other you need a great team as an entrepreneur. Build a team that will drive you to success and not drive you away from success. No one succeed in business alone.

Learning from mistakes moves you closer to success, when you fail to learn from mistakes you tend to remain stagnant and you find yourself doing one thing over and over again.
Study other entrepreneurs mistakes and use that in favour of you.

I do believe you have learnt one to two things, feel free to let us know how you feel about this tips and also do well by sharing it, someone you know might need it.

Thank you,


In this context I define my loosen up as slacking and loosing of focus.
I am not bothered about how you spent your January or February but I am concerned of how you are planning to spend your march or how you’ve planned to spend it.

So many goals without a backup of a concrete plan will lead to you not having a focus on your goal(s)

You want to achieve greatness in March? Do not loosen up rather tighten up. Get determined to reach the peak level this month.

Are you struggling with achieving your goal(s)?
Grab this few tips on how you can achieve your goal
••••Write your goals down and make it plain.
••••Pick one at a time, don’t try starting all that the same time because you will just discover you didn’t achieve any of your goals.
••••Before taking action on the goal, work on your mindset. You can’t be thinking negatively and planning on taking action. #KoleWerk
••••Take action, be ready to be a risk taker.
••••Believe in yourself
••••If you need counselling, never hesitate to ask for it from the right source.

Ready for March greatness? Tighten up those loosen parts in your life and set out to run the race…

©Ifepariola Mary


A house can’t be built T neglecting the wall, its clearly impossible.
Can a house be beautiful without a wall? I wonder
Can a house serve its purpose without a wall? I doubt so
Can a house be adored without a wall? Impossible

No matter how well we punish a wall by nailing different things like a picture frame etc on it, there is something that doesn’t change which is the importance of the wall.

If you build a wall in a rush with fake building material, with time it destroys, it gets shaky

This is also applicable to one’s life, what makes up the walls of your life? Or do you think a life doesn’t require a wall? Certainly it does.
A backstabber, a gossiper,a 18hrs sleeper, a negativity personnel, a lazy person,a less determined human being, a discouraging soul etc, are they the ones that makes up your wall?
Come to think of it, can you be better, prosperous, successful when what makes up your wall is the opposite of what you wish to become?

The earlier the better we accept reality and the truth
That so could person you call your friend and doesn’t influence you positively flee from thee, Friendship is not a must but its a choice….
Stop thinking of what the so called friend will do, you have to use a good life material to build your life walls…..

Build up a strong, durable walls in another not to regret it at the latter end…..
I am not promising you a smooth procedure but be determined to build a long lasting walls that is good, durable, adorable,dignified….
©Ifepariola Mary


So many people replace themselves with another person’s life, they feel intimidated,frustrated and confused.

Have you ever felt why you do not get positive results? Have you thought of why you do not get people around you who wants to associate with you?

This is the strategy: In life when you are not bright,happy,excited,positive thinking do not expect persons with such attributes to be surrounded around you.

You surround people that shares same attribute with you, so stay positive, be real, be you. Do not pretend to be who you are not but you can admire the good attributes of a person.

Always try as much to stay happy, be bright and be you.





“Feb 14th” is a day filled with love, it is a day love is been celebrated in a special way.

Its a day where gifts pumps in, which serves as appreciation of love.
Feb14th is known as Valentine day, when majority of humans rocks in white and red, when affection is showed.
Its a day when some people some people looses their virginity, they loss their dignity.

Its a day some humans create a blue print of their life but guess what?The blue print is actually a bad one, they create a bad life themselves on feb14th…

But come to think of this; one can actually create a good, memorable blue print for themselves.
Design a blue print that speaks value of you

Its Feb14th, Oh yes! Its just 24hrs and its a day that can make of mar you.
What life blue print do you want to create today?
Be specific of your answers and work with it..



My little cousin came visiting for the weekend, his speech acted close to an hour without a pause.

He paused for awhile and said if it were to be my elder sister she wouldn’t listen to his rush hour words.

As quoted,
“My elder sister doesn’t pay attention to my talks”
She drives me away saying; I don’t want to listen to you.

I smiled but I learnt something from that conversation which I would love to plant in your heart.

We all need a Shepherd no doubt about that but the ability and grace to be a follower is the problem.

You asked for a mentorship relationship with someone, he or she accepted the privilege but along the way things started occurring

When the mentor offers his hands widely to you, your actions gives him answer that means; (pardon me) Oga mentor close those hands what is it self.

The mentor gives you advice, tries as much to see you grow but you don’t do any of his instructions


You stopped listening to him and outside you regard him as your mentor whereas you hardly follow his words.

Jealousy crawls in
You start realising your mentor is moving forward but you aren’t
You then get to spoil him outside saying he keeps the secret of his growth from you

Mentors needs the respect, lets show them
They need listening ears from their students, lets give it to them

They need proves of their labour
Let’s put it into practice the hard earned lessons shared with us.

Nobody wants to labour in vain
Let’s give them listening ears putting what we have learnt into practice.

Have you ever appreciated them?
Have you opened their eyes that you are a true student with your actions?

More mentors inhaler to come…


©Ifepariola Mary
Transformational Coach



Don’t get confuse, I will break it down now

•Ideas: Everyone on earth is born with the ability to think and generate ideas

•Everybody: Nobody is excluded. This idea you have is not yours because someone else can also be having that same idea in mind.

• Finished product: Turning your idea into a finished product which solves other persons problem makes it a life transformer.

Earlier on I said it serves as a seed but when it becomes a finished product it becomes a life transformer.

•One person: When you have gone through the process of making it a finished product, it now becomes your asset.

Now, what is that formula that turns a raw idea into an asset?

More to come….
©Ifepariola Mary.

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